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Welcome to your Warsash Maritime School alumni community

Welcome to your alumni community of more than 15,000 talented individuals just like you, located all around the world - each with a special connection to Warsash.

Whether it’s been days or decades since you left Warsash Maritime School and Solent University, or you’ve been returning every year, things are constantly changing. We’re always innovating and evolving, but we’re also immensely proud of our heritage. And that means you.

The Warsash alumni is wonderfully diverse, including graduates from our maritime officer cadet programmes with those who studied maritime, shipping or naval architecture undergraduate and postgraduate programmes ranging from BEng (Hons) Yacht and Powercraft Design to MSc International Shipping and Logistics.

Together with the support and influence of the wider University community, our heritage and values have steered generations of maritime professionals and cadets into successful careers both at sea and on shore.

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You’ll always be part of one of the most respected global communities of maritime professionals.

Stay connected, stay #Warsashforlife.

Warsash cadets at the 2019 graduation ceremony

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Stay connected, stay #Warsashforlife.

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How we can help you

As part of our global alumni community which spans more than 70 countries, you can take advantage of a range of benefits, such as exclusive events, free library access, and discounts.

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If you have something to say about your time here at Warsash and Solent, we'd love to hear it. Tell us how your studies have helped you progress your career, or share a memory that has stuck with you since your last visit.

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Our heraldic badge and merchandise

Our heraldic badge for the Warsash Maritime School includes an adaptation of the 'Warsash Dragon', a standard depicting the Solent and Isle of Wight in a simple geometric design to highlight the University's location and an anchor to recognise our first-class maritime education for the past 70 years.

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The Warsash Association

Membership of the Warsash Association (an external membership organisation) is open to anyone who has been a cadet, senior student or staff member at the Warsash Maritime School, and its previous names, Warsash Maritime Academy, Warsash Maritime Centre and Southampton School of Navigation.

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