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Officer cadets

We work with a number of sponsoring shipping companies, training management companies and charitable organisations who recruit UK and EU nationals to be navigation, marine engineer and marine electro-technical officer cadets. Most companies have further information about their officer cadetships on their websites, and many require potential recruits to apply online.

Recruitment for most Merchant Navy commercial cargo shipping sectors is focused predominantly on navigation (deck), marine engineering and marine electro-technical personnel, with some offering recruitment opportunities across all departments on board ships.

Here we provide links to the key organisations we work with to help you begin your search for a sponsoring company.


Large yacht owners require well trained and qualified professional crew equipped with the necessary testimonials to support their experience. 

To help our students and delegates access the best possible job opportunities, we work with high-quality recruitment partners and agencies that specialise in building premier crew teams in the global superyacht sector. 

Döhle Yacht Crew

Döhle Yacht Crew is part of the large yacht services and support group of Döhle Yachts, which provides a comprehensive range of services designed specifically for the luxury yacht industry.

Döhle Yachts is a leading superyacht industry service provider and the only superyacht management company that has a sponsored cadet programme. Through their dedicated Döhle Yacht Crew team they are in a great position to help place newly qualified, as well as experienced, captains, officers and crew on yachts from 24 to well over 100m.

The objective at Döhle Yacht Crew is not only to find the right people for the right job, but also to develop long-term relationships with employers and employees. They make a point from the very start to understand each individual’s aspirations and help them on their career path in the superyacht industry. They also seek to understand exactly what the owner and/or captain are looking for so they can find the perfect partnerships.


Burgess are a global superyacht industry leader - their current management fleet includes both sailing and motor yachts from 30m to well over 100m in length. Burgess offer great prospects, stimulating challenges and excellent packages. 

Camper & Nicholsons

Camper & Nicholsons Crew Placement Division provide professional crew for their renowned fleet of managed yachts. They work with captains and owners of luxury yachts, both private and charter, motor or sail, all over the world to professionally develop crew in order to ensure performance excellence and the highest possible quality in service.

Elite Crew International

Elite Crew International provide professional and dedicated crew placement services to the megayacht community. Their head office is strategically located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and, using skilled recruitment agents worldwide, they have a global presence. If crew are required in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Pacific, Baltic and Scandinavia, or anywhere else in the world, Elite Crew can help. 

Offshore oil and gas and renewables

A variety of on and offshore careers that include employment on offshore oil and gas platforms, support vessels, drilling rigs, seismic survey vessels, in fabrication yards or in shore-based offices.  

The UK is taking a lead in the development of the marine renewable energy sector, and it is believed this sector will create a number of new jobs which can be divided into two categories: 

  • Transportation to/from offshore windfarms by vessels or helicopters. For this area, existing seafarers can be employed with some additional training.  
  • Employment on offshore windfarms. A windfarm’s lifecycle involves environmental and seabed surveys, turbine manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operations. All these cycles require various qualifications.  

Listed below are organisations that can offer career advice and recruitment opportunities, as well as oil and gas and renewables companies who may be recruiting for staff.