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Review of standard operating procedures, team performance and hotel operations

Standard operating procedures 

The term 'standard operating procedures' (SOPs) relates to written documentation or instructions detailing all relevant steps and activities of a process or procedure. An SOP provides employees with a reference to common practices, activities or tasks. 

We are pleased to provide a consultancy review of SOPs for the deck, engineering and hotel operations departments. 

For further information, please contact: 

Deck and engineering departments 

Commercial manager 
Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 4168 

Hotel operations department 

LH Academy 

Team performance 

The human element and team performance are increasingly recognised as being fundamental to safe and efficient vessel operations - ongoing review of its effectiveness and associated enhancement plays an important part in the optimisation of team performance. 

The management and development of essential non-technical skills is known as resource management and incorporates: 

  • Social skills - leadership and team working, communication, operating effectively in a multi-cultural environment, planning and coordinating skills to optimise work load management and delivery). 
  • Cognitive skills - problem analysis and solution delivery, well-judged risk aware decision making, and high-level situational awareness. 

We are pleased to provide a consultancy review of team performance for the deck, engineering and hotel operations departments. 

For further information, please contact: 

Deck and engineering departments 

Commercial manager 
Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 4168 

Interior department 

LH Academy 

Hotel operations 

With a structured approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of hotel operations, from development stage to delivery and beyond, LH Academy ensures the importance of making the service quality perceived by guests is the number one driving force behind every operation. 

LH Academy understands each vessel has different needs and therefore provides customised services to seamlessly fit the situation. By offering assessments at any stage, whether you're in operation, currently in refit or at the beginning of a new build project, LH Academy determines your requirements and supports you with its professional advice on hotel operations. 

To ensure first class personalised attentive service on board your vessel, LH Academy will work closely with the hotel operations team to establish best practices and service flows, keeping overall vessel performance in mind. 

Contact LH Academy


Ship and yacht management services

Ship and yacht management companies play a pivotal role within the international maritime industry. Running a vessel is a complex business which often requires a management company to provide the technical, legal, financial and administrative support required to oversee the operational aspects. 

Examples of services provided by ship and yacht management companies can include: 

  • Operational management 
  • Technical management and consultancy 
  • Large Yacht Code compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Recruitment and crewing
  • Payroll
  • Safety management and ISM
  • Mini ISM for yachts
  • Security management and ISPS
  • Emergency response service
  • Accounting, administration and insurance
  • Purchasing and logistics. 

To find out more about the ship management services offered by our partners, please follow the links below: 

Technical support services for ships 

Full management services for yachts 

Interior yacht management 

Vessel and yacht registration

Owners have the ultimate choice of where to register their vessel, with a variety of options open to them, depending on personal, technical and financial preferences. 

In the past ships and yachts were often registered with the owner’s nation state but 'flags of convenience' are often used today for financial, tax or administration purposes. 

A number of quality flag state alternatives are available. One of the most popular is the UK’s Red Ensign, along with other members of the Red Ensign Group such as Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Isle of Man. Other registries include France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Panama, Spain, USA, and various others in the Caribbean and Far East. 

Find out more about the registration services offered by our partner, Burgess

Vessel crewing services

Our respected partners work with owners and managers to identify and provide the right level of personnel management support. Key areas include: initial recruitment and selection, on-going employment, operations, payroll, administration and training. 

  • Camper & Nicholsons 
  • Burgess 
  • Elite Crew International

Find out more about our partners

Specialist services

Audio-visual equipment installations 

Solent Acoustics offers state-of-the-art acoustics consultancy and audio-visual systems design. They provide design solutions and testing for acoustic comfort and privacy, sound insulation measurement, sound masking and noise mitigation, as well as design and consultancy services for on board cinema, single and multi-cabin entertainment systems, networking, automation, lighting and video conference systems. 

They also provide both customised and certificated training for staff on a range of aspects related to noise and vibration measurement and control.  

Solent Acoustics places great emphasis on delivering the highest quality results while maintaining ease of use and great egonomics with optimal integration by working together with interior design specialists. Their staff are always up-to-date with the latest developments in acoustics design and high-end A/V systems, providing custom systems advice and maintenance training. 

Customised simulation 

With vessels of various builds and designs being developed, bridge and engine room simulation training must keep pace with the demands of the industry. We have extensive experience of delivering simulator operations over the past 40 years and offer high-quality and customised training to our maritime professionals. 

After discussing and agreeing specific requirements with company managers or yacht owners, new ‘ownship’ simulator models can be designed and produced to accurately reflect the vessel’s precise handling characteristics. Our engine room simulator enhances the learning experience of engineering students to the highest level.  

Geographical databases of specific locations can also be modelled to ensure the most accurate representation of your next destination, ensuring effective planning and execution of the intended passage by the bridge team even before sailing. 

Product design and manufacture 

Solent University's Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering provides specialist yacht services for product design manufacture in the following areas: 

CNC 5 axis router 

We have a Thermwood 67 five axis CNC router with a bed size of 10x5x2ft. This is a highly useful tool for creation of all manner of shapes. In the University, it is mainly used to machine scale yacht hull models from styrene foam. These models are then tested in our towing tank facility. 

Stratasys FDM Titan 3D 

The Stratasys FDM Titan 3D is a rapid prototyping system that uses fused deposition modelling technology to create ABS plastic prototypes of parts. The part specifications can be provided in a number of files, including IGES. 

3D scanning 

A Creaform VIUScanner 3D colour laser scanner is available. This hand-held 3D scanner has a resolution of 0.1mm. Scanned data can be processed using GeoMagic Studio, then exported in IGES format for further manipulation. 

Digital design 

Software suites can be utilised to create and modify product or part designs. Drawings and visualisations as well as IGES files can be created. 

FRP composite workshop 

This consists of:  

  • Twelve workstations for specialised, advanced composite building methods 
  • Wet lay vacuum bagging for single project or short product run construction methods using male/female mould tools 
  • Resin infusion for in-mould production using female tooling 
  • Pre-impregnated fibre construction for female tooling requiring elevated temperature 
  • Repair methods for each of the above. 

Testing and diagnostics 

Tensile testing equipment 

Solent's Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering is also host to a variety of equipment that can be used to assist in the design and construction of yacht hulls, particularly in carrying out materials testing. 

There are three pieces of tensile testing machinery within the School, which can measure the strength of various materials. These machines can be used for tensile, compressive and three- or four-point bending tests and has capacities of 30 and 150 Kilo Newtons. 

All these features combine to provide the industry with a powerful analytical facility that can be used in the validation of superyacht structural design. 

Rapid prototyping equipment 

The Titan creates models using high performance engineering materials such as polycarbonate and ABS plastic. These prototypes can have superior impact strength and resist heat and corrosive agents such as oil, gasoline and even acids. 

Multiple materials, coupled with one of the largest build chambers in its class make Titan a smart solution for building large, strong and durable parts. 

Towing tank 

The towing tank is suitable for evaluating hydrodynamic lift and drag components for both sailing and motor craft to improve and enhance their performance. 

Solent University’s towing tank tests scale models up to two metres in length and 50kg in weight, and has the following features: 

  • 60m in length, 3.7m wide and 1.8m deep 
  • A top carriage speed of 4.0m/s 
  • Computer-controlled wave generator 
  • Test wave and tidal renewable energy devices 
  • Can be used for instrument calibration 

Medical equipment and supplies 

As a first responder, you need to provide assistance quickly and accurately. Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist you is imperative for any type of medical incident. 

MedAire has a complete line of medical kits, oxygen equipment, and medical accessories for responding to common medical concerns and life-threatening incidents.  

MedAire MedKits are available for crew sizes of 10 to 40. MedKits meet and exceed MCA specification MSN 1768.  

Port development projects

Using our state-of-the-art simulators in conjunction with in-house graphics development, we can examine the operational aspects of changes in a port, such as realigning existing berths, examining proposals for new berths, testing against specific combinations of meteorological conditions and investigating tug requirements and techniques. 

Proposed berths, channels and other elements of a port can be built from drawings to achieve pilot and tug master familiarisation prior to the completion of the infrastructure. 

The operational needs and procedures for new ship types and sizes can also be investigated on the simulator. 

For more detailed information, please contact our commercial manager: 

Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 4168

Medical custom solutions and new build consulting

MedAire provide medical consultancy services to some of the world’s largest new build projects. From helping you build your medical protocol to the design and supply of a complex on-board infirmary, their medical and industry experts are available to lead the project. 

Their new build consultancy includes: 

  • Medical room design and ventilation 
  • Communications
  • Diagnostic equipment and medical kits
  • Medical room lighting
  • Medical wash facilities
  • Resuscitation beds
  • Toilet, bathroom and laundry requirements
  • Hardening of the vessel
  • On-board security liaison officers
  • Medical escort staffing for short- or long-term assignments  

For more information about MedAire’s new build consulting solutions, visit the MedAire website.

MedAire MedLink 

MedAire has built the yachting industry’s largest network of medical and safety professionals around the world, available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With MedAire membership, crew and guests have anytime access to medical and travel safety advice, information, and shore-side assistance around the world. 

Whether it’s the reassurance of sound advice or lifesaving evacuation support, you need a partner with the right connections.  

MedAire’s internal resources include emergency room doctors and nurses ready and available to assist you 24/7. Calls are answered by their global response centre, located in a Level 1 trauma hospital, ensuring the right types of doctors are available to assist crew members and guests no matter what the need.  

Their internal resources are supported by specialists from both International SOS and Control Risks, an independent global risk consultancy specialising in political, integrity and security risk. 

Together, crew and guests have access to a network of 72,000 quality providers around the world ready to help, including specialist doctors, to charter aircraft and local hospitals.  

Full mission simulator consultancy and research

The use of simulation for maritime education and training is a key component of the services provided by the University. 

With a long history of using simulation to establish and/or broaden corporate expertise, our simulators have been employed in areas ranging from high-end research projects such as Project HORIZON, which examined the cause and effect of fatigue in seafarers, to port development, accident investigation and ship design/handling.  

Less conventional use of the simulator has also been observed with the replication of historic ships for well-known television programmes, such as Brunel’s Great Eastern for Time Team.